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If Animals Could Talk

If-Animals-Could-TalkWinter’s aching fingers pinched my ears as I hurried to the barn. My toes, cozy and padded by woolen socks in a new pair of work boots, bent with each chunk of frozen mud beneath them and sent fluffy, mindless snow bouncing away on my path. A shepherd amid his flock of sheep, or a farmer in a cloud of white chickens, might have centered himself in such a universe. I was on my way to the horses that had become the center of my life. Continue reading If Animals Could Talk

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So Much Alike!

“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”- John Shedd

So Much AlikeOne of the things I like most about horses is their emotional honesty. By emotional honesty, I mean a horse’s direct connection to its natural impulses. These can be impulses of physical desire or repulsion; impulses of mental curiosity or joy. They can also be expressions of affection, loss, fear and courage. What, exactly, is courage based upon? Certainly, its ingredients include bravery, self-respect, strength of conviction and a healthy measure of righteous indignation! Courage – standing up against all odds – is intangible, admirable and beyond reasonable logic … whatever the pieces of its puzzle. Let’s take a closer look at what makes courageous people and their horses tick. Continue reading So Much Alike!

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The Ride of Your Life

RideOfYourLifeIt was one of those sunny days when you can’t sit still, when something stirs in your belly – in your blood – and you’ve got to get out and do something! The sound of a lawn mower danced on the breeze; the smell of fresh-cut grass and evergreen sap flowing through grandfather-trees surrounding the house. The weathered barn, with its slate roof, stood strong against the unspoken murmur of clouds sizzling away in the morning. Chickens ran madly from their house into the open lawns, and dogs in the kennel scolded them for … well … maybe just for being chickens. It was summer at the farm in Michigan. The unpredictable breeze off Gull Lake could wash the pastures in a minute’s whim. The horses were calling. Continue reading The Ride of Your Life