Antique & Collectible Repairscat_3photos

The studio at Hevener Farms specializes in art with an animal theme. Along the way, we have always been asked to repair broken figurines, porcelains, pottery — all kinds of collectibles and antiques.

Pieces restored by our studio have been sold at some of the finest auction houses in New York City. We have repaired pieces for museums and even for The White House. We have repaired shattered china from Czar Nicholas, Queen Victoria’s yacht, the Reagan administration, the Nixon administration and the Truman administration. We have repaired urns from Chinese temples, furniture from Paris and paintings by some of the most famous artists in the world. We have also brought many, many pieces “back to life” for people who just love them.

Remember: We specialize in antiques and collectibles related to animals. Anything from the figurine you collected as a child to something you inherited from your great-grandmother to a rare piece you were lucky enough to find from an antique dealer. As long as it’s about animals, we understand and respect the sentimental value of your treasures.

The amount of time we put into repairing a piece depends on what the customer wants. Only you know the value of the piece you want restored and you are the one who decides the budget. Please email [email protected]  for our hourly rate and details.