“High Stakes”


by Ron Hevener

In this controversial novel, award-winning author Ron Hevener delivers to his readers a bold and daring commentary on today’s changing society. At a time when heroes are falling all around us, there is hope.

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What readers are saying…

High Stakes stands up for animal lovers like me.  Colorful characters showing us the truth about human rights and animal welfare.”
— Maxine Bochnia
Photographer Member: National Greyhound Association
— Larry Birnbaum
Owner of top greyhound sire, Craigie Whistler Contributor, RaceForAdoption program
“High Stakes is a real page-turner…compelling, insightful…captures your attention.”
— Tom McQueen, Ph.D.
Radio personality and Greyhound kennel owner
“It made me feel like I was there.”
— Donna Moore
Bahama Mama Greyhounds, Inc.Home of All-American winners, Talentedmrripley and Cayman Went 
“High Stakes leaves me wanting more – more of Hevener’s keen and experienced insight, and more of his outspoken truth!”
— Tim O’Brien
Great-grandson of O.P. Smith, inventor and founder of modern Greyhound racing
“Skillfully written…. As a sportswriter covering pari-mutuel racing for more than 45 years, I heartily recommend this work of passion for the Greyhound.”
— Saul Durst
Publisher, The Northern Star Magazine
“THIS LONG-OVERDUE dose of truth sets the record straight…Readers will come away with an understanding that there is a colossal difference between animal welfare and animal rights.”
— Kip Keefer
President, Greyhound Racing Association of America
“Beautifully written.  High Stakes captures the spirit and excitement of Greyhound racing!”
— Wendy Hamilton
Co-Founder, GlobalGreyhounds.com and owner of Stonehaven Racing Greyhounds, Inc.
“Whew..I’m caught!  A must read for anyone connected to the sport of Greyhound racing or the Greyhound breed…and for anyone who believes in the sacred and ancient symbiosis between men and their dogs.”
— Dennis McKeon
Noted trainer of Greyhound Hall of Fame star, Downing
“It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m at a party.  We’re all having a great time. Before 12A.M. I tell my friends that I must leave.  ‘Why?’ they ask.  ‘I have to work in the morning,’ I say.  ‘What do you do?’ they ask.  ‘I take care of 70 greyhounds,’ I reply.  Four hundred questions later, I say, ‘365 days a year, 24 hours a day, no vacations, no sick days.’  They look at me like I’m totally crazy.  ‘But,’ I say, ‘I have the best job in the world.’  They will never understand a man’s love for his dogs.  Next time I’ll just hand them a copy of High Stakes.”
— Joe Trudden
Tru-Paws Racing Kennel, Hollywood Greyhound Track, Miami
“While this is a novel and reflects the greyhound racing industry in America it has a real message for the UK.” 
— Bob Salmon – Editor in Chief – Age-Net
“A very interesting read and a must for any animal lover…as the activist subject is not only one that plagues the Greyhound industry but is an underlying threat to all animal owners. Mr. Hevener not only weaves a breath taking tale, but nailed the activist groups right on the head.”
— Deedy Decker, Equine Artist/Editor of the Spotted Saddle Horse News
“I finally had time to read my review copy of Ron Hevener’s HIGH STAKES, and, boy, did I enjoy it! Everyone interested in the present state of the dog world and the huge pressures we are under generated in no small part by the “greenies” and animal liberationists should read this novel, which clearly identifies them for what they are – eco-terrorists.”
— Wendye Slatyer, Editor of the National Dog Magazine (Australia)
“A courageous view of the dark side of “animal welfare” turned “animal annihilation” — if we let it. It certainly is a wakeup call for all who care about companion animals and cannot imagine a life without our trusting, non-judgmental, loyal four-footed friends. Read, learn and act to prevent the tragedy which is silently unleashed by pseudo-humane groups and their terrorist associates, out to destroy the human-animal bond. Ron’s tale is an eye opener with the happy ending we can only wish for in real life.”
— Ruth Weddle, President, Pet Lovers Protective League, Inc. Publisher, “Our Afghans” magazine
“Regardless of one’s proclivities in reading material, the book is a must read for anyone seeking to become more informed about the Animal Rights movement. Whether for enjoyment or education, it’s well worth the read.”
— Pam Jenni, Editor, Kuvasz Quarterly, Kuvasz Club of America
I enjoy reading while I travel so I held off starting the book until a trip this week. It is very good! I am the type who likes to visualize what I read and luckily I could picture a number of the scenes based on the greyhound places I have been lucky enough to visit. The call to the NGA to identify Clue — I could picture talking to Megan or Julie. They are the best ones there for identification since they like the tough ones with difficult tats that we find come thru the agency. I can picture who Mark is, but hopefully you can give me a hint who the Wheeling kennel is modeled after. I am in a dilemma now. Taking off this week and another trip the following week. Should I finish it this week or save it to enjoy on the trip? My compliments on what I have read so far.”
— Bob Fine, GRA/America member
“Took to England to read on plane and have almost finished. Some parts very good – the first scene is tremendous …”
— Sally Futh, Secretary, Collie Club of America
“Very good book, sent it to a friend.”
— Jack Kashirsky, Legislative Liaison Chairperson, The American Miniature Schnauzer Club
“… The best he’s written.”
— Bobbi Patscheider, Finish Line Magazine (The Leading magazine for Arabian Horse Racing)
“I found the book interesting especially as related to Mr. Hevener’s love for the Greyhound breed.”
— Mae Condon, Editor, Hackney World
“Currently I am reading this prior to handing it over to the Victorian Canine Association Library … My wife who is an internationally respected Boxer breeder and judge has been very impressed with Mr. Hevener’s writings and essays.”
— David Brace, Victorian Canine Association (Australia)
“One of the growing social issues of our time is the question of animal welfare vs. animal rights. But, that debate is stirring even greater questions. What consequences, for example, is this debate having on our emotions and self-respect? What is happening to our drive for personal achievement while lawmakers, schools and the media lean toward what seems “politically correct?” Exactly how deep does all this go? In a surprising look at the dark side, Ron Hevener confronts the effects of this long-running debate on heart, passion “on the winning spirit” and what we can do about it.”
— Tracy Wager, Editor, Bridle & Bit Newspaper, August 8, 2005
“Received the book today and just started reading it..it’s already grabbed my attention!”
— Kathy Bradley, Secretary, American Manchester Terrier Club
“Work has taken its toll in my efforts to read ‘High Stakes’ although I got about 1/3rd done and have a pretty good idea of the whole story …. it took a bit to get past the first ‘lost /found’ in the forest bit as I was expecting something entirely different – having re-read that part it would make a great movie! (if it hasn’t already)”
— Brian Pickering, Host of Pet Talk Radio (Australia)
“I am always interested in reviewing this type of literature as our council has a vested interest in keeping abreast of the invasive movement of animals rights organizations.”
— LeeAnn O’Reilly, President, Dog Legislation Council of Canada
“It’s been many many years since we have seen a “real” book published on the subject of greyhound racing.”
— Brian Lee, Greybase
“The book came yesterday. I have already started it. I must say the beginning caught me right away. We rescued a greyhound off the mesa a couple of years ago (Mesa Boy whose story appears on our website) and Ron’s description of what was going on in the mind of the greyhound lost in the wild at the beginning of the book made me think of what young Mesa Boy might have been thinking while he was running loose.”
— Candy Beck, Greyhound Pets of America, New Mexico Greyhound Connection
“I am planning to use this in my marketing/media relations course that is scheduled for the spring semester.” — Wendy Davis, Associate Coordinator, Race Track Industry Program – University of Arizona (Tucson)
“I thought your book was extremely well done and have recommended it to many people in our industry.”
—Tom McQueen, Ph.D., Co-Owner of Campbell Racing Greyhounds, Radio Talk Show Host
“The novel is compelling, enlightening, controversial and entertaining. One of the best pieces of work I have read in years.”
— Sue Spiroff, Owned and loved by collies
“High Stakes is a thriller, a murder mystery and a romance novel all in one…. Harlequin on a leash! … you’ll love it if you’re into greyhound racing and dogs.”
— David M. Kinchen, Huntington News Network Book Critic

They were dog lovers:

Souls who believed in right and wrong in a world of twisted politics and a society gone mad. They were the last holdouts of American sentimentality. Dreamers and winners.

As long as they had their dogs,
they had a chance.

As long as they had each other,
they weren’t alone.