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Behind the Scenes Again!

Books-StandingWhen the chance came to produce a story for public TV, we grabbed it. A half-hour program for animal lovers? Move over, NBC peacock. There’s a new kid shaking his feathers!

Public TV (which is a broad term meaning everything from your local cable station to the mighty PBS) is “the original form of television.” With that in mind, and armed with a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, we set out to find stations that would broadcast our television production. The road to success in public television can be risky and confusing. After all, this isn’t something the typical high school teaches us how to do. And very few of us have an inside connection at a TV station to show us the ropes. In our case, although we had experience in the production of a TV program (Lights! Action! Camera!) and buying air time, we had no experience whatsoever in the process of getting our program on independent stations around the country. In other words, we were official TV producers … without a clue how to be what we were supposed to be. Continue reading Behind the Scenes Again!

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The Littlest Puppy

He wasn’t the biggest puppy in the litter. Two others were bigger than him, and both had drifted into a sleep from which there would be no awakening. As gentle hands lifted him out of the whelping box and offered a bottle, he nuzzled into the tips of each finger, searching for his mother. But, his mother was gone now. She had breathed her last, and he was alone. Continue reading The Littlest Puppy

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The Peppermint Candy

The moon was high … the indigo/night air smelled like water and the air sizzled its arms around you . . . that’s how it felt, as we waited . . . .

She hadn’t been born on the farm. Unlike the rest of the mares, she had been the expensive gift from a man to his wife. Already a champion in the fierce and competitive discipline of English riding, she was to be the wife’s special horse in the rise to horse show stardom. And that’s how it was, until the fateful day when — cross tied and being saddled for her class at a national show — the mare reared up and fell backwards, fracturing her withers and ruining her life as a show girl forever. Continue reading The Peppermint Candy

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The Love of Animals

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to know lots of interesting animals. Horses, Dogs, Cats, Wildlife… If they liked people, I had a knack of getting to know them pretty well. When I started my career as an artist, animals were a natural subject for me to explore, and, growing up in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County farm country, animals — and people who love them — were all around me. Continue reading The Love of Animals

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Let The Music Play

let-the-music-playFunny, how we never seem to know what’s just around the corner. We go about our lives: working, laughing, loving . . . and we never know how our life is going to turn out. I know this doesn’t sound like the goal-oriented thinkers that I encourage people to be. I encourage animal lovers to be their best and to reach as high as they possibly can. After all, if we don’t reach for the stars, how can we ever touch them? Yes, I know . . . Childish words …. Continue reading Let The Music Play