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(Name) just arrived in excellent condition!! She is GORGEOUS!! What an outstanding job painting; details are excellent, and overall painting remarkable! Color is perfect; her luminescent silver-blue is so difficult to reproduce and really illuminates her surrounding space, just like she does!! I LOVE IT! Thank you for an outstanding piece.
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  Dog Figurines
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"Gentle Giant", Limited Edition Great Dane with Child
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Our price: $76.00

"The Master's Touch"
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Our price: $150.00
American Staffordshire Terrier, Uncropped
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Our price: $65.00

Bichon Frise
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Our price: $32.00

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Our price: $36.00
Borzoi Bust with Roses
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Our price: $89.00

Boston Terrier Bust with Roses
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Our price: $89.00

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Our price: $30.00
Bulldog with Boy, "Second Helping"
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Our price: $75.00

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The custom Collies are EXQUISITE! Mr. Hevener and his team did a wonderful, truly customized job on each Collie-such wonderful detail and quality. The piece of my tricolor 'Bruce' nearly brought tears to my eyes. What an honor to have this beautiful representation from the Hevener Studios in my collection!